LUCKY 58 travel blog

Parika stelling

Cattle on way to Bartica

Ferry on the Essequibo

Essequibo sunrise


Shop across the road from cemetery

Bartica shops

Gordon & mother Lulu on speedboat to Saxacalli

Lulu & cousin At Saxacalli

Bartica hills

Mad about trash again

Boats from Bartica stelling

Ferry back to Parika

Sunset on the Essiquibo

We took Gordon’s aged and somewhat frail mother Lulu to Saxacalli - a remote village down the Essequibo river - to see some of her Amerindian family there. So to get there we first took a packed minibus to Parika and spent the night in a scary firetrap hotel that hilariously charged “guests” for periods of 12 hours only. So we paid for two 12 hour stays. I don’t think Lulu had ever stayed in a motel or hotel before and she was pretty confused by the whole arrangement. The ferry to Bartica conveniently departed at 5:00 am and we had to buy tickets at 4:30 am. But we were locked into the hotel. Gordon pounded on a door near the iron gate and yelled until a very pissed off employee finally woke up and threw a key at us to unlock the thing. Jeez! The ferry finally loaded a bunch of super heavy trucks (fuel, goods, livestock) with MUCH cussing and commotion by the drivers and dock workers and finally we hopped across some precarious rotted boards onto the boat. The 6 hour ride up the river was super cheap at only about $2 U.S. for each of us and was surprisingly comfortable. But the damn Captain and his partying crew in the wheelhouse ate and boozed it up the whole time and of course threw all their trash into the river. So did all the passengers except us. Plastic, paper, styrofoam, terrible. Ruined the trip for me. Once in Bartica we stayed in another hotel for 3 nights - Lulu still confused. One of the days we chartered a speedboat to Saxacalli so Lulu could see some distant relatives that she hadn’t seen in 40 years or so. One was a council-woman of the barely 100-person population of the tiny village. Then after another night in Bartica back on the ferry with its accompanying circus loading trucks. We finally dropped Lulu off back in DeKendren late that night and we continued back to Georgetown. A few days later we were informed that Lulu reported to her daughters that we didn’t let her eat and also pushed her off the bus! Oh boy.

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