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View from John's place

Inland view from John's place

Our Best Western in Orlando could have been worse. The loud party was in a different wing. The prostitutes were low key. What I thought was a plastic wrapper in the AC control bin did turn out to be a condom, but it didn't appear used. The hotel was close to the soccer match, and the breakfast was better than expected. My car wasn't broken into or stolen.

Now we had a 4 hour drive to John's place on the outskirts of Miami.

Traffic was manageable but not pleasant.

I was offered several options along the way.

Kennedy Space Center? $50 entry fee, at least a half day, spending an extra night in or near Orlando.


Hard Rock casino and typical restaurant? I don't patronize Hard Rock establishments.


Historic Spanish mission? Been to Spain five times, seen missions in California.


Downtown Miami for art deco and all? Been to Napier, NZ. Fight traffic, parking, heat.


See my brother's place, experience local grocery shopping including a trip to Costco? Ooh, a chicken bake!


We did pass a towering landfill, the lower slopes of which supported green grass not unlike an ancient mound. It seems it could be the tallest hill in Florida.

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