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Blinky Bill having a snooze

Water Dragons make nice pets if you have snails, or tadpoles

Yes its a dozing Quokka

A Thylacine, very hard to normally get this close up.

Looks like fun....

Exhausting work being harangued by tourists

She is in for a shock...

Interesting exhibit....

Lemur looking for tit bits.

Here come da train....

Off to Currumbin today as we thought it would be the “tame” option for the mandatory theme park visit.

The weather was on our side today as well.

By the time we arrived the animals and birds had already been fed so most were asleep in their dens. The Brush turkeys were building their huge nests of forest litter and other birds were wandering around.

They also have rope courses here for people who think climbing on ropes for pointless exercise is fun, I wonder at the roping course at Canungra do they have safety harness and safety helmets for the troops. We didn't get those luxuries nor the Lycra outfits.

The Avian birds at the Kiosk where we stopped to recover from our exertions were all 3 week old sausage roll, but thats another long story......

The ring tailed Lemurs had been let out of their cage and were very busy running everywhere posing for photographs and stopped us exiting because one had his/her tail hanging over the door. Mean while our National Emblems were allowing the visitors to pet them and the visitors were all suitably impressed. Kangaroos and Emus have learnt to understand Mandarin, very interesting...

Then it was time for lunch and a movie, we saw Ladies in Black. Interesting period piece set in the 50's and 60's in Sydney. Attitudes have not changed that much. Though not technically correct, since when does a tram conductor use the right hand foot board out where he can be hit by passing trams and traffic.

The saga of the rear vision camera has at last been concluded. I thought IP67 which is water proof to 1 metre depth for 30mins would have been the best rating for a camera that is out in the rain but a chap at Jaycar told me its not necessarily the case as the Chinese sometimes use the external water pressure to do the sealing which allows condensation to enter the casing when only atmospheric pressure is there. IP66 is far better in the application as it protects against strong jets of water (aka Rain and Hail). So they sold me a replacement with a guarantee that should I need it will be able to be fixed at home... I'll have to set the moanitor up as the old camera was a 95degree viewing angle the new one is wide screen 16:1.

Oh of interest to is that Winword that was on my new note book demanded I pay a fee to a) continue to use it and b) to get my documents back. I dumped it and downloaded Open Office which promptly found my documents where ever they had been stored and downloaded them onto my D drive.

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