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The catherdral just after we got off the shuttle bus

And the ancient Arab fortress

A typical street in the area near the cathedral...shops and more shops

Inside the Arab baths. And no, we did not see one Arab...

The garden at the Arab baths

The back side of the fortress from along the waterfront

The beautiful Celebrity Eclipse, our ride around the Med

After a short overnight trip we docked at our first port well before any of us woke up but by just after 9:00, 2/3 of our group were walking down the gangway to start our exploration of Palma. Palma is the capital city of Mallorca, a Spanish island that is conveniently located off the eastern coast of Spain. Dave was battling a cold so he and Kathy stayed on the ship which left the 4 of us to wander around like typical confused American tourists...which we were.

It really wasn’t that bad as we had taken the short shuttle bus ride from the ship and it dropped us near the huge Santa Maria Cathedral, a landmark whose construction began in the 13th century, and the Almudaina, an ancient Arab fortress, but as long as we could still see the ship in the harbor we knew we could get home.

We wandered around the area near the cathedral https://spainattractions.es/palma-cathedral-mallorca/ and fortress https://www.lonelyplanet.com/spain/palma-de-mallorca/attractions/palau-de-lalmudaina/a/poi-sig/452807/1004365 and for some reason – maybe required by an obscure international law? – in and out of every jewelry and trinket store within sight. Now, let it be known that I did not shop for, nor did I buy one single piece of jewelry or a trinket, so I think you can all deduce that I was not the reason for these deviations from the aforementioned wandering. But it sure left me plenty of time to sightsee by myself, as long as I stayed within sight of Trinket World.

Palma is, as are most of Europe’s cities, a trip back in time. By relative standards the recorded human “history” of the U.S. goes back a couple hundred years but in Europe, you get to see things that go back over a thousand years, like the Arab Baths here https://www.seemallorca.com/sights/religious/banys-arabs-arab-baths-palma that date back to between the 10th and 12th century.

I think it was 10 Euros for all 4 of us to get in which, if you convert that to U.S. dollars is either $.16 per person or $160.00, I’m not quite sure which...eventually I’ll get this Euro thing figured out. Anyway, we wandered the baths for a little while – there wasn’t much to see – then continued on our way with a stroll along the water then onto the Avinguda De Gabriel Roca towards the port. We looked for a decent place to eat but decided to walk to the Hard Rock so Lisa could get some souvenir shirts and Ken could get a shot glass, then because we had essentially given up and were pretty hungry, we decided to eat there. From there we flagged down our first and only Mallorcan cab for a ride to the port...3/4 of our wandering group had massages scheduled back on the ship and since they worked hard today they deserved it.

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