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Going by way of Canada avoids Chicago traffic, and is much more...

With the gas gauge getting low, I made the only fill-up in Canada on this trip, over $200 CDN for about 55 gallons, but it would get us all the way to Burlington, Vermont, where $3 a gallon would look pretty good.

Usually, we don't call and ask permission to stay overnight in Walmarts, when we arrive, and there are no signs posted to the contrary, and at least one other RV is there, we just pull in and crank up the television antenna. But, in this case it was a long way from Sudbury to Ottawa, so I made the call again, this time to the Walmart in Renfrew. As with Sudbury, the manager said it would be fine for us to spend the night.

Canadian Walmarts have some products that you can't buy in the USA, including, of all things, 12 packs of Canada Dry Club Soda. I'd never seen it below the border, at first glance it looks just like the ginger ale, but the cans are blue not green. I bought two 12 packs.

It continues to rain, the windshield wipers have been non-stop so far the entire trip, but the scenery, with the multi-colored trees of Fall, is beautiful.

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