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Here’s some of what the Lonely Planet – England chapter Manchester, Liverpool and Northwest England has to say about the Manchester airport:

“The airport is 12 miles south of the city.”


I think that the Lonely Planet was being exceedingly kind to the Manchester airport in limiting it’s comments to a single sentence, and then just a directional comment. We didn’t have high expectations as it was, but we had to pinch ourselves because it felt like we were in a third-world country, the state of the airport is so appalling.

Once I did a little research on the Internet about Manchester’s airport I found some photos of Terminal 2 and Terminal three. We had departed from Terminal 1 (obviously the oldest one) and so I can’t be a fair judge of what the overall airport experience might be. In many cities the budget airlines use the old terminals, but we were flying on Lufthansa so I expected better. Ours was only a short-haul flight to Frankfurt so that might explain why it left from the older terminal.

To be fair, I think I did see signs posted that the airport is undergoing a multi-billion pound makeover. For the people of northwest England, I don’t think it can come too soon.

Luckily we had access to the newly renovated business class lounge, and it was first rate. I’m happy that our last impression of England as we departed for Frankfurt on our way to Sofia, was a very positive one.


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