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Chan Chan wall

Chan Chan statue

Ocean representation

Chan Chan walls

More Chan Chan walls

Huaca de la Luna

Wall paintings

Wall paintings (2)

I was there!

Huaca de la Sol

Hairless dog

Huanchaco waterfront


Boats at sunset

Huanchaco pier

Alison, Lynne me and John

Camp fire

Peru landscape

Peru roads

Beach drive

Janine and Lynne on the road

More on the road

Some of the blokes on the truck

Male pyramid



This is a cultural part to the trip...

Visited Chan Chan which is a mud-brick city built by the Chimu tribe. (Chi = moon) This "city" was so well planned and organised, but they moved to a new one each time the top man died, so there are 9 cities in this area of which this one is the only one in a state to be seen at the moment.

The next excavated ruins were Huanca de la Luna, where the Moche people lived prior to the Chimu (who were directly before the Incas). Instead of moving to a new city following each death they just built a new one on top of what they had. Huge amounts of excavation is underway in this area with over 15,000 archeological digs being financed at present so this will very much be on the tourist route soon.

A weird area to look at. One minute there is nothing but rock and suddenly there{s a green field - we camped on a grassy roof terrace with a huge rock rising behind.

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