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Volley work!


Off to the indoors

Our apartment building

Walk to the courts

Fitness session

traditional chinese cupping on my lower back

Heat therapy



What a day...



Tuac, my friend

Fish Head Stew

Amazing dinner

Guangzhou Tower


Beautiful skyline

A mistake!

What a whirlwind 36 hour experience Hong Kong Island provided. My adrenaline was flowing as the intensity of that city grabbed my brain and took me away from the routine in Communist China where the people are so simple and pleasant. We were impulsed with tons of shopping (LuLu Lemon/Brandy Melville/Lush) and many modern conveniences! I am happy to have returned to another full week of 12 "spinny" table meals, 11 more tennis practice sessions, 6 fitness sessions and 2 massages.

Guangzhou and the tennis academy my dad is working at and I am training at are very special places. The other pros are from Great Britain, Japan, Czech Republic, Russia and America. The facility is fantastic and the "Blue Box" will be missed when we depart in ten days. Ten days is a long time though! You can count the # of meals at 2 per day(spinny table meals are excellent), 18 tennis sessions, massages, and 10 fitness sessions to go. I am really enjoying and getting used to this amount of time on the tennis court. I feel stronger! During my last massage I told the masseuse my back was hurting and before I knew it, he was heating up some small glass jars and began a technique called "cupping". This is an ancient Chinese technique to draw blood to an area for faster healing. Wow did that feel great!

Saturday is always a half day and my friend Tuac and his mother invited my dad and I for a tour of the beautiful city center of Guangzhou (China's 3rd largest city). This tour of gardens, city center, a local bookstore, and the infamous Guangzhou Tower (2nd tallest tower in the world) ended with a. traditional Cantonese feast. The food was awesome, even the fish head stew.

Today, was a very lazy American day and our first day in nearly three weeks we slept in and did nothing. We strolled over to McDonalds for lunch and then sat at Starbucks and used WiFi for 5 hours before eating dinner at Pizza Hut. I feel disgusting and I hope I can move on the court tomorrow.

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