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Inside the tunnels of the west wall

The temple

Pools inside the tunnels

Model explaining the city layout

Along the Via Dolorosa (stations of the cross)

Inside the church of the holy sepulcher

Church view 2

Chihuly in the Tower of King David Museum

View from the Citadel; looking back toward our view from the Mount...

Model of the Temple before its destruction

Sample of a bas relief telling the story of Jerusalem

How to build stone walls

Temple as a lively place

Artist's rendition of Romans raiding the temple

Minaret from Moslem controlled days of the city

Chihuly glass in the courtyard

The Mamelukes once had their days of power in the city

Modern mall next to Tower of King David

Music on the mall

Relaxing in the part

We are getting to know the city of Jerusalem a bit. There is a lot to learn! We had an appointment to visit the tunnels of the West Wall which have been under reconstruction, exploration, and updating. We went to the West Wall courtyard but will go back again to actually spend time there. This time we zipped into the tunnels and walked through the passages. The wall is there; folks leave the papers and there were a lot of people saying prayers on the inside.

Next we turned to Christianity as we followed the Via Dolorosa, or the path Jesus took from the courtyard to Golgotha or Cavalry; the traditional stations of the cross are marked. We wound our way through market passageways as we looked at the chapels built to commemorate the events of the Passion Week.

After lunch we had some free time, so Roger and I opted to visit the Tower of King David Museum; the exhibits tell the history of the city of Jerusalem. Great museum! A visit helps to clarify all the different groups that have had power over the city over the years.

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