Peak District hike April 2019 travel blog

Pavilion park, Buxton

Farewell old friends

The final selfie, Buxton

Buxton to Lowestoft return journey

So I woke, as I usually do before 6am to a misty Buxton morning across the Pavilion park and skyline beyond.

I had a walk around the park that had been the last few steps of what the previous day had been the end of a very enjoyable long distance walk. There were just a few things to do before boarding that train to Lowestoft that was to leave via Stockport and Norwich at 10.02 am. The walk up Bank hill to McCoys (6am to 10pm) and Sainsburys opposite that opened at 7am filled my small cool lunch bag with sustenance for the journey. A taxi had to be ordered and a breakfast overlooking the park was a priority. But before any of that a little ceremony. In life all things have a natural life span and so it is with walking boots. The pair I have been wearing have walked a pretty strenuous 700 miles or so including every day this last two weeks and 200 or so miles in the late summer in Wales.

So the committal service was held and the fine servants were despatched to that place where all good boots go, the council refuse depot. In fairness the soles were fine but the uppers being fabric made were holed in one or two places.

So before a final farewell to Buxton and the Peak district Boundary walk, vanity demanded one last selfie in the early morning mist.

This has been a really varied and interesting couple of weeks and if you've had a look at the travel blog or even read it all I hope you've enjoyed it.

Good bless


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