Still no tickets for anything beyond the next stop...train leaves at 3 p.m. (now 9 a.m.). Bon is checking on it. I am doing fairly well handling the uncertainty, I try to tell myself, why worry, the worst that may happen is we get stuck mid-country and it costs us many more rubles to get on and out on time.

Back story: We made arrangements with the outfit White Nights to have all our transport etc. across Russia so we can get out within the 30 day limit which our visa enables us to stay. They are very rigid - sticklers - for staying within the timeframe. Even with these arrangements we will just make it to Vladivostok and out in time.

So, maybe we should have bit the bullet in St. Pete and paid the $50 US to extend our time. Only time will tell, ha! What't there to do anyway, it's out of our hands and we'll have to deal with these kinds of glitches all along the way. I might actually begin to change my worrisome ways just as a matter of survival!


Today the sun is out and trees are beginning their change to fall. Moscow has the greatest Metro system and the sights around the Kremlin are fantastic - icons in every church 300-900 years old and tons of churches everywhere. It is hard to believe that the communist party ran this place for so long with this much emphasis on the Orthodox faith!

The young women are very good looking...Todd and Jake are having hormone conniptions, and I'm not doing so well myself, ha! It's a long road ahead, for me celibacy is quite natural now but for T & J, well it's going to be interesting to say the least. I know they treat Whitney as a sister but I'm sure their thoughts would rather consider her as available - although, with 2 of them 'competing', friendships may suffer so for their sakes I hope all is resolved outside the group.

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