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This one will be fairly short. I promise! When you go somewhere new for the first time. It's a little scary. How will you be treated? Will you fit in? Or stand out because you don't belong?

The day started early. We all woke up about 5 AM. Not on purpose, but we're still trying to get our clocks normal. It takes about 2 weeks most say. So we came up with the idea of taking the bus to the City bus to the Convention. It would save us money for the cab... I know the cabsnonly about $3-4. But still. We looked up the address. Thought we found the right stop. But the numbers on the bus weren't matching what we found. And the people we stopped to ask, never take the bus, so they didn't know. They we're still kind, and wanted to help. Finally we just called it a fail, and splurged on the $4 cab. About 20 mins later we get dropped off at the enterance to the University campus. So we thought we say a few dress shirts walking by, so follow them. Sure enough, dress clothes and small lunch coolers, follow them! Its still a little walk. But not bad. We find a 7-11,Jenny goes in a 7-11 to but a couple muffins for breakfast. We find a couple witnesses from Florida, and some other expats. Right away we hit it off. The actual building is sitting next to a beautiful garden, and pond area. Amazing color, carving, a coffee spot that is only temptation for the Convention goesrs. A few huge scaley Monitor lizards hanging around too. There is an open area of picnic tables outside. It's covered. And crowded. You walk in and go up steps to the auditorium, it is flat and easy. Also a small but steep balcony is in there was well. We find a seat in the middle slightly towards the back. Right away a very bubbly, and sweet sister waves, and comes up to us. Her husband and I have been communicating for awhile. But we finally meet face to face. And from there we just felt so welcomed and comfortable. What a day of the Convention to make too. To share Sat, with 1147 need greatest from around the world. Even the talks, each speaker had a different accent, some we're Thai, Australian, South African, New Zealand, Canadian. It was the most international English Convention I've ever seen. But with much of Saturday being about doing more for Jehovah.

It was interesting to hear them from a perspective of most of them have already done this. But it's so applicable to them. Because they never stop. In some of the conversations, many were honest, that they had to make certain changes to get where they we're. And to keep focused, and never stop looking to do more for Jehovah.

One touching thing was the baptism. There we're 10,or 11. Mostly teenagers. Meaning these kids were basically brought up here. In fact during the baptism, one brother hopped in the pool and got to baptize his own daughter. The pool was basically the size of a bath rub. They had one brother in the pool, and whoever was getting baptized bad to put their feet under the ladder to keep them from coming up. Us Americans could never make it. But skinnybkids were fine. As much of the program centers on, we don't do it alone. We always have to have help from Jehovah. I really can't say much more about the day. We kind of feel speechless. We knew it was going to be a great day. But it turned out to be one of the most memorable Convention days I've ever experienced. Poor Anna was tired she passed out on us. But she's been so good overall. We know for her age, and all these changes it's a little rough. But we're getting better. Tomorrow we plan to visit the Bang Sue congregation here in Bangkok. One of the places recommend by the branch. It has a few missionaries and bethelites in it. We look forward to this experience. Well good night. Off to bed. Tried to keep it short tonight....

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