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Our lovely garden

Chilli's on a fruit and vegie stall

Gelato at the train station

Travelling at 247kph

Naples by twilight

Time to say farewell to beautiful Venice. We've loved our apartment and our wanders around the city. Check out time is 10:00am and our train to Naples leaves at 11:30 so no need to rush our breakfast or packing. I had to take our rubbish down to the rubbish boat that waits at the edge of the nearby square every morning for mixed rubbish and takes various recyclables every other day. Today is paper and cardboard day. Certainly different walking your rubbish down to a boat.

Riley finished off the pasta for breakfast and then he and I took a last stroll to the supermarket to buy a few bits and pieces for the train journey. We don't arrive in Rome until 13:25 with a quick change of trains and arrive in Naples at 17:30 so thought we needed a few bits and pieces. I bought some fruit and now know that you need to wear a plastic glove if you are serving yourself and in little fruit and veggie stores, you don't touch the merchandise. Only the shopkeeper does.

From Venice to Florence, we were with a group of Americans. Apparently there were 4 people scattered through the coach who weren't part of the group and we were 3 of them. Needless to say, it was quite noisy. With the way the seat allocation was done, I was sitting with one of the Americans and the kids on the opposite side of the aisle. When I sat in my correct seat, the lady who was already seated in the same group looked at me as though I was from the moon. Most put out as their group was supposed to be sitting together. Her husband was sitting in the group of seats with the kids so we just swapped.

Uneventful if long journey to Rome and we arrived with about 3 minutes to change trains. Our train must have been running late so we had a mad rush down the platform, trying to get around dawdling people. It's a good thing we were able to repair Riley's suitcase or we would have had a bit of difficulty pulling it along. We got to the monitor and saw our train to Naples was running 20 minutes late. Phew! We grabbed something for lunch and set off for our train once the platform was posted. We left Rome about 20 minutes late.

We were on an Inter City train this time and it was hot, very hot while we were sitting at the station. Fortuna tell, once we got going, the conductor opened some windows so it was a bit cooler. Beautiful countryside was we headed south. I've enjoyed the train journeys, partly to enjoy the scenery, and also to have some down time...reading, snoozing and playing some cards. Having said that, we were quite tired by the time we arrived in Naples.

Fortunately our hotel is only about 500 metres from the train station although the route for crossing the road to get out of the train station seems to be a well kept secret. We eventually just made a beeline through the traffic with a group of other people to get to the other side and there we were, at B & B Napoli. We checked in and headed for our room. It's a good sized room however after being in apartments, it's not quite the same.

The kids just wanted to stay in so I went up to the rooftop for a look over the city and a few photos. Riley needed dinner so he and I went to Maccas for some nuggets and chips and I went next door for a kebab. Early and relaxing evening tonight. We have our Pompeii and Vesuvius tour tomorrow with an 8:30 start so it will be good to get a good nights sleep.

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