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Bob in Bogachiel Rainforest

Dewy Mushroom

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Rainforest waterfall

2018-09-24.Ira Springs Trail, Bogachiel Rain Forest

Since the Hoh Rain Forest trails were closed for road improvements, we decided to hike in the Bogachiel Rain Forest, not too far from our campground. We had to go "off road" on Undi Road to the trailhead for Bogachiel River Trail. Once there, we took a fork in the trail to hike the Ira Springs Trail. It was an amazing walk through the forest primeval past western red cedars and Sitka spruce hundreds of feet high. Every single inch of the forest, except for the trail itself, was covered in vegetation of some kind, all of it lush and vibrantly green. Moss dripped from the branches and carpeted the tree trunks. Ferns, vines, bushes and sedges filled in the spaces and the sound of laughing springs filled the air. Roadie galloped along the trail and splashed in the water while Bob and I marveled at the cycle of death begetting life and begetting death again. Everywhere trees had fallen or vegetation decomposed, a nursery of seedlings fed on the decay and proudly began their ascent toward the sky. The rainforest was lush, green, dark, moist and utterly captivating and we were so glad that we had the opportunity to experience this mystical world of the temperate rainforest.

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