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Abu Dhabi.


We have our transfer to our hotel and off we goooooo!

Speed limit 120klm.

Our driver settles on 110.

But thankfully they drive in a sane manner here. Sticking to their own lane.

The area is flat- hazy from the heat - very clean - amazing roads. People working on the grass / garden on the verges alongside the highway. All of this and it is still dawn.

It is hot!

We arrive at our hotel just after 6am.

As our original room is not available they do offer us another but it does not come with a balcony. Instead you can walk direct to the beach.

A dilemma??? Hmmm... wait for our original room or take one now. ...瀞

The receptionist noted how tired Debra was so decision made.....𯘴

After a "nap" we jumped into a taxi and headed to a shopping mall.

We seemed to be driving forever albeit at high speeds until finally, like a mirage, the shopping complex appears.

From the air con taxi we walk towards the centre....hot!

Inside the centre....cold!

We read that sometimes their air con in the centres can be quite chilly due to the heat outside.

The shopping centre is on Yas Island.

Here they have:

Warner Bros - only opened this year

Waterworld. Ultimate water adventure. Over 40 rides and slides, 5 of which cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

And then there is Ferrari World. It is the first and only Ferrari brand theme park in the world. They also claim it is the largest theme park in the world? It has rollercoasters etc...fun for everyone?

Costs 150 AED which is approx $60 pp.

Once you have enjoyed the rides etc you must exit through the souvenir shop!!!!! Anything with a horse or initials SF is expensive.

Alas we did not enter Ferrari World.

Karen was hoping to have a spin in a red car. We did browse through the gift shop though.....

You could have your photo taken in a mock formula 1 car for 1 minute...

It would take you 5 mins to climb in and then another 10 to climb out....

Upon leaving Ferrari world they had sound boxes with a button on the side of a wall.

Press here to hear what a real Ferrari engine sounds like.

Debra walks up positions her ear to the speaker and presses the button.

No sound. But just as she went to press the button again, the sound of the engine started and it was loud!

Debra yelped and jumped in shock!

Wish I had my camera ready..𯘃𯘁

The shopping mall is HUGE!

And....was by no means busy with people. No vacant shops here.

Plenty of diverse options for eating.

We settled on the Cheesecake Factory.

They don't just do desserts, they also offer meals. We needed a break from pasta and cheese.

Our waiter as it turns out originates from Kazakhstan. He has been in Abu Dhabi for nearly 2 years. He has heard of Canberra, Sydney and Brisbane. Very interested about the UK way of life and how we - Aus - operate as an independent country. He thought we were still under the ruling of the UK.

After a nice lunch - no cheesecake - we wandered around.

Debra found Borders so was quite happy to spend some time perusing the book shelves. She noted that the history section only had books on Abu Dhabi.

Art was also very minimal but the self help section took up 5 rows.....

By now our eye lids were becoming heavy and so we were in need of some caffeine.

We opted for a Swiss Chocolate coffee shop....as you do.

The shop has about 10 people working.

Mostly they are standing around not doing much but the service is very effective.

We are recharged and ready to wander some more as we still have not window shopped every store.

All staff are very friendly and greet you as you walk pass. Although Debra was a tad over being called "madam". 𯘊𯘁

We left the mall @ 20:00 and it was still HOT!

Short walk to and from the taxi thankfully.

When we checked in this morning, we asked if some places were in walking distance from our hotel.

The reply was " one thing we don't do in Abu Dhabi is walk".

They do offer golf carts .....that might be fun....

As they say "build it, they will come!" That is so very true here.

Unsure how one would get around the theme parks during the day but there is certainly quite a bit to see and do. One could easily have a few days here to break up the travel between Aus and the northern hemisphere.

Our last day is Thursday 27 Sept.

Our transfer back to the airport collects us at 18:30.

Our check out time is 16:00

A leisurely day scouting the hotel we thinks.

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