Judy, Sarah and Riley's Italy trip 2018 travel blog

We've arrived...vaporetto station to Ospedale

Across the causeway

Waiting for our platform to go on the board

Little market on the way to the station

Farewell cannoli

Time to pack up for the next leg of our journey. The train to Venice didn't leave until 11:30 and we had until 10:00am to vacate our accommodation so I let the kids sleep late and then we breakfasted and finished packing up before leaving at 10. We were sad to say goodbye to our little apartment. It was very cosy and suited us well.

We stopped at the local market in the square not far from the apartment and Riley and I bought a couple of souvenirs from a local craftsman. We were both happy with our purchases. We made sure our journey took us past the 'safe' gelato shop however, sadly for Riley, they don't open until 12. I guess most people don't want gelato at 9am. We found a cannoli shop near the Ponte Vecchio so Sarah had her first real Italian cannoli. Sarah had a regular size, I had a baby size and they were delicious. Unfortunately, another off limits for Riley according to the shopkeeper. Sarah sat on the Ponte Vecchio and ate her yummy cannoli. We then took a leisurely stroll through the city, Riley hoping we'd go past the Disney store and they'd have new stocks of the hoodie he wants to buy, and in his size. No such luck...we didn't go past it. I've promised we can check in Rome as there is a Disney store there.

We arrived at the train station with plenty of time and Riley and I checked out the bookstore while we were waiting. He made a purchase and we went to wait for our train platform to come up. Very frustrating when all the trains around you time-wise have their platform posted and you are still waiting. Finally it was time to board carriage 11 and off on our nice, comfortable high speed train. We managed to sit in the same set of 4 seats with a table between us for most of the journey. I didn't see a lot out the window as I was having a Nana nap.

Finally, over the causeway and into Venice. We bought our vampires to tickets and off we went in line 5.2 to Ospedale where our host was meeting us. Francesco was a little late so we wandered up and down for a while, then I called his sister to see where he was. He arrived shortly after and took us to our accommodation. What a gorgeous little apartment again. No upstairs this time much to Riley's disappointment however we could have a party in the main room. It is very big. We have a kitchen, bathroom (thank goodness), washing machine and a lovely little garden we can use.

Francesco check us in, gave us some tips re eating, waste disposal, supermarkets, transport etc and left us to ourselves. As we hadn't had lunch, we set out to the square to have some lunch even though it was about 4pm. The sun was shining however it's quite cool out so Riley and I had jackets on and the restaurant had blankets for their guests to keep warm as their tables were in the shade.

After lunch we had a walk around the square, off to the supermarket for some bits and pieces for 'dinner' and then home for a relaxing time for the rest of the day. The kids watched a movie, I read, we had a walk in our little garden and generally relaxed.

A perfect start to our stay in Venice.

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