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Aqueduct path




twilight on the river opposite the restaurant


We had a busy day today doing relaxing things. We started off in Peekskill coffee shop which is rather rustic, very friendly and serves good cappuccino. Being Saturday the place was very busy and lively. Having had coffee and as it was around lunch time which I often miss, Adriana and Mel thought of going to Subway for a sandwich. Seeing the menu in the coffee shop included fresh sandwiches and crepes, we decided to stay on and have lunch there, which was excellent.

Then we went to the bank to change my Canadian dollars to US ones, I'm starting my money laundering early to avoid a punishing weak pound when Brexit becomes a reality 𯘔

That done we drove to nearby Ossington, a pretty village on the Hudson, to explore a path which Adriana had been told about and which proved to be as good as she had heard. It was an old aqueduct built over a small stream which had cut deeply through the rocks. There were lots of trees and a few wild flowers and an excellent flat path running just above the water. It wasn't a long path but very pleasant as in the sun but sheltered from the breeze.

We then drove down to the waterfront and had another short walk near the marina before heading for home and a quick rest before smartening up for dinner in a good restaurant we had been to two years ago on my last visit.

We ended the day in the pharmmacy picking up a prescription Adriana had arranged for me. Two days ago I got bitten by a wasp and, despite having suitable medication with me, my arm from the wrist to the elbow is swollen, itchy and very red. I'm hoping that this new cream and increased dosage of antihistamine will be the rapid cure I need.

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