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Explanation to the following painting


Tools depicting slave labour

Plantation owners house top, slave cabins below, Mississipi right, plants left

Two quilts

Outside the Guggenheim

Another outside view

Spirals from the inside

Spirals and dome

I had read about the exhibition of southern American artists before leaving on my trip and was really pleased to get there today. Not all of it focussed on slavery and its consequences, some work was fairly recent;one, for example illustrated 9/11 and another focussed on president Obama.

There were some beautiful hand sewn patchwork quilts in mainly two local styles. One style, called log cabin, took me back to start when I saw a log cabin exhibition in Vancouver, any more and I'll have to change the title of the trip.𯘊 The cloth was often bits of well worn clothing, the back of the trousers being used more often than the front which got more wear. Sometimes a widow would make her dead husband's clothes into a quilt to bring him closer. One quilt was made of scraps of corduroy. The cooperative had gained a contract from the big store, Sears and Roebuck, for corduroy cushions and the workers could buy very cheaply the off cuts.

I then went to the large exhibition dedicated to Delacroix. The rooms were arranged chronologically so it was easy to follow his development or trends. He was remarkably talented and admired by the Impressionists right through to Picasso.

It was extremely cold in the galleries and, although on leaving I saw there were more rooms full of his drawings, I needed to get out in the promised 22 degrees and eat my pumpernickel bagel with cream cheese. I can use the same ticket till Sunday so may go back there.

I walked through Central Park in the direction of the Guggenheim and found a quiet bench. The day had not turned out like yesterday however and it wasn't really a shorts, t-shirt and sandals one, so no lingering in the park.

I wasn't sure if I wanted to go in to the Guggenheim or not. I hadn't been for several years but I didn't have enough time to do it justice. The dilemma was resolved for me as several of the spirals were closed so I took a few photos and decided to call it a day.

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