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After our ferry ride we are back on our not so old 18 seater buses to transport us to a farm for dinner.

It would have been nice to return to the hotel then out to dinner but alas no...

So we are all looking like bedraggled sheep dragging ourselves on to the buses with a quiet confidence that we arrive at a farm in good time.

Our shepherd, Antonio is not on our bus and we dont have our headsets on.

All of a sudden we pull up to a factory that does wood turning. The driver reverses into the carpark jumps out of his seat and tells us to get off!


No no we are not supposed to be here we are supposed to be at a farm.

Farm not factory.

The driver does not speak English.

No one on our bus speaks Italian.

We are hot tired and now starting to get concerned. How do we find our way to our shepherd?

Then mysteriously a shuttle from our hotel drives pass. We recognise the driver as one of the waiters. Then our 2nd bus arrives with Antonio.

Phew ...there is a collective sigh of relief.

Not all of our group are going to the farm apparently hence a mutual meeting point was arranged for the hotel shuttle to collect them and then the rest of us continue onto the farm.

Out of nowhere we pull up to a driveway. The farm is just on the outskirts of the main town. This farm is not like farms back home.

The yard is terraced due to the slope of the land. To greet us as we enter the driveway is a cow. On the other side are pens covered in vines for shade. Here are more cows and a goat. Geese were also in a pen. 7 cows all up on the property but we could not see where they would have room to properly walk around.

We finally meet our host family for tonights dinner.

Everything they eat comes from the farm. They make everything fresh daily.

We are given a quick lesson on how they make their own mozzarella cheese.

Then we are shown how to make pizza.

Marghuerita pizza is the speciality - tomato sauce with mozzarella cheese olive oil & a sprinkle of basil.

After all this we are shown to our table and start serving us food.

The tables are arranged in a large courtyard that is half covered in vines for shade. Our view is looking towards the sea at sunset.

First up fresh made bread with either a lemon based oil or spice.

2nd serving is a plate of fresh pieces of tomato, mozzarella cheese with slices of salami & prosciutto. The tomatoes are absolutely delicious. Debra is not a big fan of tomatoes back home but over here with the right oils, she is savouring every mouthful.

Next up came the pizzas. By this time we could only have 1 slice.

But wait....there is more!

After the pizza they bring around a bowl of spaghetti with tomato sauce for each of us.

Way too much good food.

Debra & I shared the spaghetti.

After dinner as sheep we are herded back to our bus via a long driveway and then a back lane to a road.

But our adventure did not stop here.

Our transport back to hotel was the shuttle bus to our coach and then finally arriving at our hotel.

Debra & I are exhausted. We are looking forward to a day off from the tour.

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