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Plan for today was to go to the market...opened on weekends until mid-September. Today is exactly mid-September but the market was not opened!

We wander the streets of downtown. There were more people here than last weekend when we arrived.

We had a fun time looking all of the cool t-shirts in a shop with funny sayings related to bears and moose. One of the favorites was a shirt with a car with the decals of the stick figure family and one bear saying to another "Look there's a menu"!

We returned to the Glacier Brew House to eat and had same server as last week when we went there! They supposedly have fabulous Peanut Butter Pie which I go to take home as I wanted to go to the ice cream store again! Chocolate and Sitka Swirl (vanilla swirled with salted caramel) in a Baked Alaska Cone!

Back to the apartment where the wildlife next door consists of chickens...big fat ones!

We lucked out again today with 60 degrees and sun! There are beautiful flowers still blooming in the parks.

Some Alaska trivia:

Cannabis for recreational use is legal and in fact looking back at the history for a long time it was a misdemeaner with a fine and at one point it was not criminal to have it in your own home.

It's illegal to throw a moose out of a plane.

There is no sales tax in Alaska.

In Anchorage the streets running east and west are Numbered Avenues (3rd, 4th, 5th, etc); streets running north and south are Lettered Streets (A, B, C, etc)

And empty pot racks make a great drying rack for laundry!

Tomorrow we are off to the back woods and will have no communication until we return to Anchorage on Thursday! Hoping for some great adventures and wild life sightings!

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