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Awoke to another sunny beautiful day in Alaska.

Today we headed off in a 9 passenger Navajo plane with our pilot, John, crossing over the Arctic Circle, 66 degrees 33 minutes, before landing Coldwater. Coldwater was a mining town in 1915, now has population 0 and is a Truck stop. There is a Post Office!

The landscapes were interesting though not as nice as Denali. The area we were flying over had not even appeared on maps until 1930s, it showed up as a white area until it was actually able to be mapped out.

As we flew over the Yukon Flats, the wetlands that the Yukon River passes through we saw Trumpeter Swans swimming in a pond. Other views included the isolated town of Stevenson that can only be reached by boat or plane, a gold mine, the pipeline and a pumping station for the pipeline.

We saw Ray Mountains, Saw Tooth Mountains, Alaska Mountain Ranage and Brooks Mountain Range.

After landing we got into a bus withour guide Robert. He talked about the history and the area. It was a long day on the bus and most of the scenery was the same trees with the pipeline running along the road. We made various stops along the way but the main purpose was crossing the Arctic Circle. Robert laid out a mat with a dotted line on it and handed us certificates as we crossed over. A bit cheesy! But we have crossed the circle on 2 different continents now.

The other purpose of the trip was searching for the Northern Lights. About 2-3 miles before our last stop we sighted them out of the bus window. Robert did find a safe place to pull over. It was just a streak with no movement and the color was not like what we had seen in Denali. After several minutes we headed on down the road to the Arctic Trading Post at Joy Homestead. Several of us stayed here hoping to get a glimpse to the lights. We were not disappointed within minutes the show started. It was just streaks in the sky, pale in color but a bit of blue and at times pink. FInally the movement started. It was amazing and last for well over an hour!

We left tired arriving at the hotel at about 4am. It will be a short night as we have a 10 am flight to Anchorage!

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