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Another free entry Museum - The Museum of Lancashire Life. An excellent place bringing back lots of memories of "the old days"!!!!!

Who remembers these - used to love having a ride - it was the first thing I would head for when we went to the park. Maybe only the UK readers will know of them - don't know if they were around in Australia??

There was all sorts of memorobilia, stuff our parents used which doesn't seem that long ago!!

The very first tank was designed and built in Lincoln. A very lucrative business during the war years.

This is a very well dressed scarecrow, maybe that's the secret to scaring away unwanted vermin.

The only problem with sightseeing here is that everywhere you want to go is up very steep hills. So we are really getting some excercise. The leg muscles are starting to ache.

3rd jigsaw finished and another begun.

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