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Hat Creek Valley on CA 299 Between Eureka & Redding

This was an all driving day. Left Eureka at 8:05. It was an up and down, twisting and turning, keeping an eye out for wildlife and rocks on the road kind of trip on CA 299 to Redding. Numerous spots there was one lane road due to construction so we had to stop for traffic coming the other way. West of Redding in the area of Whiskeytown National Recreation Area there were burnt trees from what was apparently a fairly recent forest fire. There was still the smell of burnt wood in the air like when a fireplace fire goes out. Then had to stopped for about 15-20 minutes due to a one lane road. When we got going again I saw the reason for the stop was due to crews clearing out the burnt trees close to the road. There were also a number of piles of rubble which appeared to have been houses. It was quite sobering.

On the other side of Redding I picked up CA 44 which took me over the Sierra Nevada Mountains and into Susanville. Although we went form an elevation of 1000 feet to over 6000 the grade was not very steep and took place over a lot of miles so a much smoother ride than the first leg. On the Susanville approach the terrain changed back to like it was in southern Colorado and Utah. Flat w/ brown hills in the distance and fields of sage brush. Caught US 395 in Susanville which took me all the way to Reno.

Got to the hotel at 4:10. So the 6 hours, 20 minutes the GPS calculated turned into 8 hours due to the construction and pit stops I made. Still, it was a bright sunny day and the trip really didn’t seem that bad. Although Courtyard isn’t my preferred brand, I am REALLY glad to be back in a Marriott property after the past couple of nights!

Steps 4390/344779 Bike 0/68.1

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