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Shediac Train Station

Downtown Shediac

Confederation Bridge for the Three of Us!

Mosquito Protection!!

September 13, 2018

The folks at camp could not have been more attentive. They even brought us some firewood. The fog had burned off and it was a lovely sunny evening. After dinner we took a walk until we could see no longer and then sat by the fire.

I am allergic to mosquito bites and am very careful to spray and cover up. The problem is that one bite will cause bites I got weeks earlier to flare up again. Last night I got one bite and all my KC bites swelled and started to itch again!!! Good thing I have lots of anti-itch cream and Zyrtec if things get really bad. I also have some Thai salve that Howard Pasekoff gave me three years ago that really works!

Awoke to balmy (60’s), sunny weather that we should have until Tuesday. The only downside is that we won’t be seeing fall colors in Canada. Had a leisurely breakfast (I cooked eggs). Then drove into a residential area to park for a walk through one of many walk/bike paths that surround the town and hug the Shediac Harbor. The Pascal-Poirier path took us into town past the well-dressed neighborhoods, the old train station and multifunction center. Downtown has typical conveniences along with restaurants, most of which are closed for the season.

On the road to PEI by 11:00 and arrived at Confederation Bridge (built in 1997) to find that there were 2 very wide loads in front of us being hosted across the bridge. They literally drove down the middle of the bridge at a pretty good speed. They apparently had not permitted any traffic to cross the bridge going west. Rather interesting experience.

Right at the end of the bridge is a large area with Tourist Information, liquor store, restaurants, souvenirs etc. We got our info about the island and decided to have lunch in the parking lot which was quite specious and nice. Gorgeous day! Bob found Schwartz (the most well-known) smoked meat in a grocery store which I was able to warm up for him to have a sandwich. He is getting spoiled!!!!

Known as "the Garden Province", Prince Edward Island is one of the four Atlantic provinces of Canada. As Canada's smallest and least populous province, Prince Edward Island is home to only 140,000 people. Prince Edward Island's capital and largest city is Charlottetown, with just over 40,000 people. Prince Edward Island is known for its natural beauty, including its 800 km of beaches. The primary industries are farming and fishing which is obvious as we drove through miles of lush rolling farmlands and coastlines dotted with fishing harbors. The mussels and potatoes are most well-known. Looks like we will be agritourists for a few more days.

Our KOA camp is in Cavendish which is on the north central coast shore of the Gulf of St. Lawrence (directly north of the bridge.) The area is best known as the setting for story Ann of Green Gables where the author Maud Montgomery grew up and is buried. It is also the home of the PEI National Park where we hope to do some shore hiking as well as 2 large amusement parks that appear to have closed for the season. In Charlottetown there is the Greatest Celebration of Shellfish starting tomorrow where well-known chefs are demonstrating along with any number of music venues. (Sounds like big crowds and the main venue is the only place we can park in town which may be problematic.) There is also a culinary trail. It may be more than we can handle as we are here for 2 days only. Aside from hiking we will probably just relax and enjoy the good weather. Tomorrow we plan to go to the Blue Mussel Café for dinner which is supposed to be excellent but also very popular.

Tonight we have a treat for dinner. I am steaming our lobster claws/tails (1lb not 2) and serving with drawn butter and fresh corn. 2015 McWilliams Hanwood Estate chardonnay. We still have firewood so will probably have another fire.

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