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We were lying in bed around 10.30 last night whem suddenly the mooring lines started groaning and the boat moved, then there was a bang so we thought a stink boat must have come roaring past us. It wasn't another boat though - Tony jumped up and grabbed the torch as did the guy in the narrow boat behind us. There is what is called "a tidal bore" known as "The Aegir" which happens between Keadby and Torksey. It's a tidal wave of anything between a few inches and five feet high and breaking along the riverbanks. Usually normally seen on spring tides exceeding 8 metres at Hull. It doesn't last very long, but if you don't expect it it gives you a fright. So that being over and done with we went back to sleep.

We entered the lock at 10.15 this morning greeted by an array of teapots along the lock gates.

A nice piece of topiary at the top of the lock.

This pic is for Gordon as he wants to see more classic cars on the blog!!!!

There are celebrations in Lincoln today as it is the University Graduation Ceremony day.

We walked past the Cathedral on our walk and I liked the look of the gargoyles.

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