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Afternoon pizza




Happy Shopper

Dinner at Caffe dell’Oro

Woke up this morning to another beautiful day. Every Tuesday is my arthritis meds day. I take methotrexate. When I go to get my pills, I realize I brought the wrong bottle. I have two bottles of prednisone and no methotrexate. Instantly panic sets in!

Glenna and I visit a pharmacy down the street. We explain our situation. Luckily the pharmacist spoke English. He sent us to a FirstAid clinic in Saint Marcos Square. Using a computer to translate, the doctor prescribed me my methotrexate. For a total amount of € 11.00, I am back in business.

We took a water taxi from our hotel to the train station in Venice. From here we travel to Florence, about a 2:30 trip.

We enjoyed our modern train ride. It had a map showing where we were, and a speed gauge. We reached speeds up to 275 kilometers per hour.

Tonight we are staying at the Pendini Hotel. It has all the modern amenities , and close enough to walk to everything. The rooms are large and comfortable.

We did some afternoon touring and had pizza on a street side patio. It is unbelievably hot here today.

Tonight we went out for dinner to Caffe dell’Oro. The food was absolutely delicious, service was impeccable, and the company was perfect.

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