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8 September

Good morning! Up at 0700 and suitcases to the lobby at 0800 then off to breakfast.

Breakfasts have all been buffets. I did not realize the Scandinavians like pork and beans for breakfast! In Copenhagen and Oslo we had chocolate and/or Nutella options for breakfast; in Oslo we had pickled beets and brown cheese. Unique for Stockholm is a juicer for our orange juice!

Took the subway to city hall and saw where the Nobel peace prize is awarded; where the banquet is held, etc. Saw where the Stockholm town council meets; it was quite a building. It was very beautiful! Then the group walked to the local ferry; and took the ferry over to the palace. Had a light lunch when we were on our way to the palace. The king and queen and their children live in the palace. It was very beautiful. We heard many stories about the family history; too bad I have forgotten them! Maybe looking at the pictures I took would help to recall the stories told by the tour guide/leader. After the tour, I went across the street and up a hill to get us a cache.

Back to the room to pick up our hand carry items and then to the big ferry to Finland.

Got on the ferry and it's huge! Believe we left about 1600. We have an inside room (preferred to see out on the water, but that's ok). We went to the room and set up our items to “charge”. Then out to explore the ship/ferry. Joy and I sat outside for awhile and watched some of the islands and other boats/ships go by. There were a few other ferries going to Stockholm. We walked around the ferry and went into one door and there was a Russian group of kids practicing for a play. We could not understand a word they said, but they sang and had a cute little play. They are a Russian group from Stockholm who are going to Helsinki to give the play to a group of Russians at a club. They gave us the location of the play, but doubt if we will be able to go. Later, as we walked around, we saw a trio doing stunts on a trampoline; they were fun to watch.

The group supper was at 1930 and it was a mob! Many, many hungry people at each of the food tables. Eventually, it quieted down and we could go and get our buffet food easily.

There were many languages spoken on the ferry; this ferry seemed to be focused on shopping! This is only the 2nd cruise ship I have been on and I liked the Holland Osterdam better.

Back to the room; the time moves ahead one hour tonight. Some challenges getting on the internet. Almost time for bed. My bed was a pull down bed. Our room looked down on the shopping area. The bathroom was small, but it’s only for one night so we will be fine!

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