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Alarm off at 0700 and to breakfast about 0730. Out for a walk to get 2 caches.

Then to the lecture.

Seems like a lot of the participants are still ill; 3 are missing from the lecture and others have coughs, sneezes, etc. Hope I don't get sick.

Day 3 in Stockholm


Alfred Nobel maybe the most famous swede! Stockholm 1833; san Remo Italy 1896; Educated in St Petersburg/Paris; 90 factories in over 20 countries. Knew multiple languages. Registered 355 patents; dynamite 1967. In 1896 had 183 million $$

Not married; no family.

Nobel: economics added a few years ago (Sweden is paying for this prize as Nobel did not leave this prize in his will); other prizes include physics, chemistry, peace, ??? and ???. 5 prizes are given out here in Stockholm.

2015: 1,2 million USD prizes; 874+26 prizes, His will was only 4 pages long; is in his museum. First prize awarded in 1901, First lady to get the peace prize was Berta von Suttner; 1905. She was a friend of Alfred Nobel’s. King gives the prizes (since 1973) in the concert hall.

Victoria (kings daughter) will be the next monarch; head of state and hand out the prizes. In the beginning it was always the oldest boy who gave out the prizes.

Popular baby names: Lucas, William or Alice, 15% are foreign born, Life expectancy women: 83; men 80; had gone up from age 65.

480 days of parental leave per child (of which 390 with 80% of salary) for all; can take parental leave until the child is 8; also can reduce your working hours as needed. Fathers can take 1 month; proposal is for 3 months of leave.

Salaries between men and women are not equal.

Monthly allowance 175 US/child and extra family supplement.

Pippi longstocking chidren’s stories: her daughter wanted a story and she came up with this character; characters tell a story; good messages

Children’s story about the geography of Sweden by Selma Lagerlof? Astrid Lindgren

Health Information

12% private health care providers, Equal access, Shared responsibility, Paid sick leave: 80% of salary

Cost of health care

Economy: recently changed all coins except the “10”, There are no minimum wages; salary is negotiated; there are recommendations

Political history:

First country with freedom of press and information; abolished censorship. Could not write about the king

19th century: free churches, women’s movement, temperance movement, labor movement

Constitution in 1809; amended 1974. 1979: act of succession: constitutional monarchy

20th century: 1909 male suffrage, 1921: female suffrage

1920: 48 hour work week

1938: 2 weeks vacation

1939: not possible to fire women because of pregnancy

Today: unemployment is 6.7% (count includes ages 15-24 is 17.3 %); going down

Working week: 40 hours since 1968/69 (vacation 5 weeks)

Government: 349 MPs from political parties; one chamber since 1971.

Elections are every 4 years (since 1994); proportional representation of seats for the country as a whole; 4% barrier national level

Eligibility at 18; right to vote age 18

The speaker proposes the prime minister, parliament votes and the prime minister forms the government

The Swedish Constitution

Instrument of Government, act of succession, freedom of the press act (ex Ombudsman), fundamental law on freedom of expression (1992). Vote for the party and not the person; the party will choose the leader

Referendums are consultative

20 county councils; issues that require coordination across regions

County administrative board; government body for the countries

290 municipalities; housing roads, water supply, wastewater treatment, schools, public, welfare, elderly care and childcare

1967 roads changes from left to right to match the rest of Europe

The County Council

Changing Markets: transportation, tourism, electronics, trains, taxis, electricity, housing……

Sustainability: oil, power, low co2 emissions, renewable sources, wind power stations, geothermic power, etc

Energy declaration 2008: conservation, efficiency, green electricity, wind power, alternative fuels, pump law (2006), rechargeable cars, organic food, recycled materials and cans, vintage fashion, sustainable materials, etc.

Skogsmulle (name of the guy who lives in the forest).

Environment: the Baltic sea (the bottom) is dying. Investing a lot on green technology, purify water via solar energy, sustainable cities, human-heated homes, etc.

Swedish inventions: zipper, Celsius scale, wrench, 3 point safety belt, ball bearings, AGA, spotify, skype

After the lecture we went on the metro to the old part of the city. Took lots of photos.

Took a ferry to a island and to lunch at a cute little restraurant. Then took the cable car to the vasa museum. That was incredible!!!!!!! What a ship!!!!!!!

went caching in the afternoon and supper at the hotel. Then off to the sikl making museum; there is one lady in the world who is left who can work all of these machines.

Our guide gave us a trombone trio concert and it was back to the hotel.

Great day.

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