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2018-08-30. Computer Woes

Perhaps you were wondering why I had not written or posted in awhile. Well, it’s hard to do that when you have dropped water on your laptop and, even after turning it off and unplugging it and letting it dry for several days, the curser continued to jump all over the page opening programs willy-nilly. This is the first time that has happened to me but…lesson learned. I’m writing using Bob’s laptop but don’t want to put photos on his computer except as a last resort as I am a I-photo/Mac user and his PC computer uses Picassa which I’ve used in the past but am not ready to re-learn as yet. So…hopefully, we will get the issue resolved one way or another but for now, no photos.

After the computer mishap, we drove to Belle Fource, SD, near Deadwood and Rapid City. It was nice to be back in the lovely Black Hills, one of our favorite places. However, after leaving Belle Fource, we were once again in the high plains and went from South Dakota, through a corner of Wyoming and into Montana. Along the way, we saw where the “deer and the antelope play” as there were many herds of antelope dotting the prairie with their amazing camouflage making them hard to see initially. We finally arrived at 7th Ranch RV Park in Garryowen. Where you say? Well, this is the site of the Battle of the Little Bighorn and the battlefield is only a few miles away. What a nice campground this is; full hookup/50 amp and large, level sites. No shade though as we are really in the middle of the plains and at this time of the year, it is dry grass. During the day, it is in the hig 80’s but as soon as the sun goes down, so does the temperature to somewhere in the 50’s. We’ve had the windows open every night and the sky – it is so star-filled that it seems as though you could simply reach up and pluck a star from the sky. No light pollution here. The campground is part of a working ranch and some of the trails lead to areas replete with cow turds.

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