Bill, Mary Ellen & Bowie - Newfoundland 2018 travel blog

From the Look out in Manning Park

They drove Bowie crazy as they stayed just out of reach

Guarding our campsite from Bears

Our last campsite

The Bear returns

August 29th

Our last full day on the road and we look for opportunities to prolong the trip. We take time to do some of the small trails through Manning Park. The first is Beaver pond trail but the beaver lodges have long since been abandoned and so while the trial is nice it is short with not much to see. We drive to Cascade Look out and my fear of heights kicks in even on the drive up to the look out. It is a narrow road and the drop off is steep as we make hairpin turns all the way up and down (shades of the trip we took with Bryce and Suz to Idaho Lookout which did not end well!). It is so steep at the top I have to stand 20 feet back from the edge to be able to relax and see the distance horizon of mountains (for the first time since getting into southern BC). We also take a trail around a small lake but rain starts and it is over cast so that is all the hiking for today and settle in for a quiet afternoon of reading. We hear thunder rolling off in the distance which may not be a good sign because it is still dry and we don’t need lightening. The day ends with a bit more excitement; back in the campsite we are just about ready to pack up for the night when Bowie starts to growl and bark. Bill looks around the camper and a Momma bear and her 2 cubs are within 20 feet of us in the bush. It is a scramble to get Bowie inside so he doesn’t agitate Mom and get her riled. It is too dark to get any good pictures of her but she hangs around just across from us as we huddle in the front of the van so we watch without disturbing her.

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