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Arrived in Oslo about 0930 this morning!

The room was very hot; the top bunk was HOT and I did not sleep too well; turns out Joy did not sleep well either.

We got up to the buffet/restraurant when it opened and go to one of the tables near the front window. We ate in many courses and left there about 0820 :)

Went to the room and got our coats/hat and went to the back of the boat. About this time we were going through the narrowest part of the ferry ride.

We took lots of photos, laughed about some activities on the trip and stayed "on the rail" until the boat's ropes were tossed to the waiting shoreman. Went to the room and picked up our stuff and got to the 4th floor. There was no customs so we left the terminal, picked up our luggage.....and the purple bus took off to see Oslo.

We met our Oslo guide "Yan Halstien Lee".

First stop was the Oslo opera house. It's near the harbor and is white with a slanted roof you can walk up/down. Took photos of the ferry and the harbor. There was an interesting sculpture in the water that represented a norwegian glacier.....

Part of the outside of this building is in braile.

Part of this area is called the "bar code" because of the windows/buildings.

The old city burned in the 1600's; when Norway was part of Danmark. King Christian the 4th; he rebuild the city behind a fortress. He made wider street and streets at 90 degree angles. No wooden houses, called a quadrangle area. He gave the area a new name"Christiana" was changed back to Oslo in 1 Jan 1925.

Oslo is 1000 years old. Means "flat where the river opens to the fjord"

The fortress was guarded by a royal guard.

We saw chairs near the fortress....they represent the jews lost during WW2. The chairs have no seat.

Nobel prize for peace awarded at …..

the decision is made at city hall.

Oslo has 600,000 people and water in the harbor is now good!

in 1814 Sweden controlled Norway until 1905.

Rode around a little more (past the hotel, past the palace, etc). Stopped to see the Vigeland sculptures. Got 2 geocaches there (a virtual and an earthcache).

The virtual involved just getting a photo with one of the statues.

The statues were made by Vigeland......

Norway had the most electric cars per capita; the govenment has incentives (no taxes, no tolls, free parking)....but incentives are decreasing as the cars become more popular.

Gas is 8.00/gallon.

1952 Olympics were in Oslo; 1994 winter olympics were in Lillehaummer.

Went past the ski jump where they were having a "toughest" race. Also by the old ski jump

Lunch was at the top of the setter (summer home) and we had moose burger on an open face breat sandwich with onions and mushrooms.

To the hotel. Room is nice.

Walked around and did some geocaches (little green men, cache in a tree and the lions statues).

Supper was salmon and chocholate cake for dessert. After supper we had a short orientation lecture by the guide.

Joy and I walked to the train station; I used the bathroom for 2 kroner!!!


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