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I met 2 delightful girls at the Yukon / BC border who...

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This is the kind of scenery I was driving through

Looking down the hill towards Skagway from the US/Canadian border at the...

I probably wasn't supposed to take this. On the bus yesterday we...

The only cruise ship in port today but I didn't get its...

It was very foggy at Carcross this morning but I was in no hurry to leave because it’s only 100 km to Skagway which is in a different time-zone so an hour earlier than Yukon & BC.

I left about 10:30 Yukon time & the weather cleared almost immediately so the fog must have been just around the lakes in Carcross. It was a magnificent day to travel the very scenic Klondike Highway which follows the gold rush trails from Skagway through Whitehorse to Dawson City.

There were lots of stopping places with interesting information about the history of the area as well as fantastic scenery so there were no worries about getting to Skagway too early.

I had a long stop at the US Customs place, mostly because the bloke wanted to talk about my trip even though there were several vehicles waiting behind me. He’s moved here from Florida so a big adjustment for his family but they all love Alaska now. He took a couple of tomatoes because, although I’d bought them in Whitehorse, they didn’t have a sticker saying where they were grown. I wasn’t fussed – tomatoes are cheap here & he really didn’t ask about anything else I might have.

I’m told that Sunday is always the quietest day for the cruise ships. There’s only 1 big one in port today & it looks like it’s ready to leave any time soon. I can see it from the motorhome because this RV Park is right between the town & the port so within walking distance of everything, which is great.

There’s no way I can get a TV signal because there’s a huge mountain in the way so I was facing 3 days of no phone, no internet & no TV. I would have survived but I felt really cut-off, then I discovered I could hook up to an AP&T hotspot in the park for 3 days for $12.95. I felt it’s worth it to be connected to the world & I've got plenty of stuff recorded to watch on TV, even some of last year's episodes of Game of Thrones & Outlander.

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