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August 20th

Today we stopped for an extended period in Saskatoon; partly for business but also to stop in at the Pleasure way factory just outside of town. Several folks in the Island Pleasure way club recommended it and we decided that even though it meant a longer stop than expected Morris has been such an integral part of our journey we thought we might like to see where he was built. We weren’t sure what type of reception we would receive given we gave absolutely no notice of our arrival but we were pleasantly greeted and told that they would be happy to tour us around after lunch which gave us time to see a few sights in downtown Saskatoon.

As a side note we were here 31 years ago to bring our then dog Lucy to the University Veterinary hospital for leg surgery when she was just a pup. Bill drove with her from Edmonton and left her there then Bill, Lindsay (who was 4 months old) and I drove back to pick Lucy up a week later when she was finished her recovery. It all seems so very long ago.

Back to the tour. Pleasure way has been building class B vans for 38 years and they have a very successful business model that has served them well. They are low tech production with most of the work done by hand (no production line to speak of) and a very high quality evaluation system that means everything that is produced is individually inspected at the end of the line. Three units come out of the factory every day and every unit in production is spoken for and they have 450 outstanding back orders to fill. Over 80 % of their production is headed to the US with only 20% produced for the Canadian market. Sorry about the rather long detail about this company but I was truly impressed after the tour! We were not allowed to take any photos because they are building a new model of van that will be unveil later this year.

After the tour we pushed on to Maidstone Saskatchewan near the Alberta border and a lovely Regional Park on Silver Lake in the middle of nowhere. It was another golf course/campground combinations that are very popular in Saskatchewan (I guess when you have so much flat land golf is a popular game)!. It was clearly a park for the local folks because while most of the sites had an RV parked in them there were very few people in the park. We have seen this often across the country where people get a seasonal pass and park their RV at a campground then come every weekend just like going to a cottage.

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