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Very dreary day today, extremely wet and misty.

Only one way to get to Whittier, through the Anton Anderson Memorial tunnel, a 2.5 mile one lane tunnel for trains, cars, buses, etc.

Seats on the Phillips cruises and tours 26 glaciers are allocated based on when you booked; since we booked in February, we got front row seats!! Like being in first class!

We got a cooked lunch onboard, salmon chowder for Brian, chilli vege soup for me. Quite delicious.I also had a Klondike cocoa which had a shot of whiskey and Irish cream. And of course whipped cream. Very nice.

Being so misty, the captain steered us close to Harriman Glacier and it was huge! Taking up the whole of our vision, you couldn't take your eyes off it and you can't get enough of it. Freezing and wet, doesn't matter, so beautiful to see.

Floating in the water on their backs were two otters as we sailed by. Nothing more to do but relax.

Surprise! Next main glacier was Surprise glacier, much smaller than Harriman, but beautiful ... Then we heard a crack and an avalanche and a crash in the water, followed by waves. Then another thunderous roar, crash, then another. We stayed here for quite a while because of the activity, thrilling!

Then onto Coxe and Barry glaciers and very active waterfalls. We very quite wet and cold by this stage so just enjoyed from the cabin.

A great trip!

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