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Having a stretch at the centre of the centre of Australia

Kulgera Pub

Not related to Grae

A beautiful lorrikeet

A wedge tailed eagle with lunch

A pretty camel at Erldunda

Clowning around at the SA border

We spent a night at Erldunda Roadhouse which is at the intersection of the Stuart and Lasseter Hwys about 260 kms from Uluru. They have emus, kangaroos and a pretty camel with lovely long lashes. They also have a famous rooster who has appeared on TV, his name is Cluck Norris and he's in with the kangaroos and thinks he is one of them. Funny to watch them all be together in the yard.

Erldunda has another claim to fame it is the centre of the centre of Australia. As there are currently five points that compete for the title of the centre of Australia. The Government decided that the title would go to the middle point of those five measurements, which is ...you guessed it...Erldunda.

We stopped at Kulgera pub for lunch, it is the first and last pub in the Northern Territory depending on whether you are coming or going. Lots of people leave their underwear here.

We bade a fond farewell to the Northern Territory and said hello to South Australia as we crossed the border.

Our first night in SA was at Marla Travelers Rest which consists of a roadhouse, hotel/motel, restaurant, service station and supermarket. The town has about 100 people and a health centre operated on behalf of the state government by the Royal Flying Doctor Service and a police station. The night was chilly and they had a fire going in the bar which was nice.

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