Adventure Travel McColls (ATM$) 2017-2018 travel blog

2018 marks our 13th year of what I consider international travelling - you, know outside of the USA and not counting our packaged trips to Mexico.

I guess we were due, and I sure hope it means we have many years sans misfortune ahead of us.

one touristic thing to do in Buenos Aires is pop over to Colonial,Uruguay by ferry, and the packaged day trip is not much more that booking a return ticket. So, we were content to book the ferry ride, bus & walking tour and "two hours of time for yourself" - code for shopping - package. not much for shopping we planned to use that to top up our Panama tans, as there were four beaches surrounding the point on which the old colonial town sits.

The tour guide was amusingly informative. I learned the difference between Spanish cobblestone roads and Portugese ones, and how the continued game of capture-and-loose they played with Colonia gives the town some unique character.

SHe was keen to highlight how very safe Uruguay is, and encouraged the group to explore (shop) independantly with confidence. Well, we'd found Old Town pretty tame and awfully tiny VIlla de Leiva do after strolling it with the group we hit the beach as planned.

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