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Altitude is everything; it took a couple of days to adjust

Our guesthouse in the rebuilt Old Town was gorgeous

A guesthouse all to ourselves

The world’s largest prayer whell


The Old Town is being rebuilt following a huge fire in January...

A wall of prayer wheels is more common in Buddhist temples everywhere

Did I mention our gorgeous guesthouse.

Kids in China learn to squat very young - think of the...

Ensuring these Tibentans know who’s the top dog

Traditional clothing is everyday wear here.

More prayer wheels

Stupa/ Chorten house sacred Buddhist relics/scripts, ashes and are always circled clockwisepp

I ❤️ Rocks & cattle so these rock Yaks at the fanciest...

This building houses the world’s largest 3D mandala; 10 years & nearly...

We stumbled upon the closing remarks at kid’s dance recital, rats

The dacers were excited to pose for we foreigners


A Future Miss China

Proud Papa and his Tibetan cowboy (yak boy?)

One of the larger dance school parades away

China’s one-child rule does not apply to the tribal people in the...

Mom’s Taxi Service is a global operation


Fortunately the temple on this hill was not burned out.


Long sleeves indicate a women’s prosperity & enhance her dance

Old Town at night

Circle dancing

So yummy we ate here twice, and cheaper than dining in Old...

What’s for dinner?

The river through town makes for a lovely park and walk













Georgeous Thanka holy paintiings



Monkeying atound with a drone, whooda thunk it?


One. OF two very popular Snow Mountains in the regions



there's just one Korean family in town - lucky for us they...

Fun to see that the street signs include elevation info

Shangri-La was formerly called Zhongdian County (中甸县; Zhōngdiàn Xiàn) but was renamed on 17 December 2001 and upgraded into a county-level city on 16 December 2014 as Shangri-La (other spellings: Semkyi'nyida, Xianggelila, or Xamgyi'nyilha) after the fictional land of Shangri-La in the 1933 James Hilton novel Lost Horizon, in an effort to promote tourism in the area.

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