Darwin or bust - a short drive up the road travel blog

Nathan Griggs doing his thing at Mataranka

A six legged spider - what happened to the other two?

Dressed up termite mounds - some people do the strangest things

A keen eyed kite

Another good looking bird

A shy eagle

Daly Waters on the return trip

Don't adjust your screen -this bird was hanging upside down!

We have now pointed the car south and will be heading down the Stuart Highway as we start heading home.

We spent a night at Pine Creek where gold was discovered in 1871 by post hole diggers working on the Overland Telegraph line. Imagine digging a hole and finding gold. Walking around the old mining town at dusk reading about the various historical buildings we came across a group of people with serious camera gear and long lenses all pointed in the same direction. They were twitchers hoping to snap the elusive hooded parrot.

During the night I was woken up by the sound of something in our room, it was a huge bush cockroach which Grae attempted to deal with. I love nature but not in my motel room!

At Katherine we bought emergency swimming noodles so that we were prepared. We were again booked into the Mataranka Homestead and learnt last time that a noodle is a must have accessory. At Bitter Springs we put on our bathers and armed with our noodles headed for the water. It was a wonderful experience floating down with the current past flowering water lilies and under St Andrews Cross spiderwebs with spiders overhead and fish swimming by in the crystal clear 34 degrees water. A tropical paradise and one of the highlights of the vacation!

At Mataranka thermal pool later that afternoon we just missed the snake but still managed to enjoy floating in the natural pool under the lush palms.

Entertainment at the homestead was a band followed by Nathan 'Whippy" Griggs, the world record holder for whip cracking. Still lots of fun the second time around.

We also spent a night back at Daly Waters, this time however we stayed in the lovely new motel rooms with private ensuite. The entertainment at the bar that night had everyone up playing air guitar to AC/DC, Very funny!

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