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Valdez Harbor

Downtown Valdez

The birds will eat what we won't

One of our favorite little RV Parks

Salmaon Fishery

This is the creek that these salmon are trying to go up...

75 Pound Halibut caught by Rich Ackman Pictured with Capt. Jason

We have had a great week in Valdez. This is probably our favorite little town in Alaska. Very nice people and a very clean little town. They are trying to promote tourism so time will tell how it holds up.

Went halibut fishing yesterday. The charter boat left at 6:00 a.m. and returned to the dock at 7:30 p.m. That's a long day on rough waters and in the rain. I was fortunate enough to catch a 75 pound halibut which is currently flying back to my freezer. I booked it first class so it should arrive safely. Halibut fishing was a bucket list item for me so I can now check it off.

Across the bay is a salmon hatchery. It's amazing to see a couple million salmon lining up to spawn. The commercial fishery is huge here. There are about 50 net boats that catch the salmon. Each morning they are contacted by the DNR who determines if they are allowed to fish. Lots of politics and a real hard way to make a living. I put a picture in this page of a waterfall that the the fish are trying to get to to go up and spawn. It is amazing what the try to do. This waterfall is about 80' high. Only about 1/10th of one percent ever make it. The rest get eaten by bears, eagles, seals, otters, sea lions, and us, or just die of natural causes. Its hard to be a fish!!!!

We are headed out in the morning for Tok and will begin winding our way back to Florida very soon. We will be putting a couple more posts together to highlight a few of the areas that we missed on the way north.

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