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Drakula Castle

Drakula's castle


Horse and cart still used in the country today

Pretty clock face on side of church

Cable car

View of Brasov

Steep road/track I had to walk up to see the view and...

Dear all,

Well here I am again grabbing a few moments to send you an update. You will notice be the date sent and the date in the title that I am getting slower or more busy in doing these updates. The roads we are travelling over are not highways by any means, so can't seem to work on the blog or do any sewing, apart from the fact that the wifi is a bit iffy from time to time. From Brasov we visited the Bran Castle, which is supposed to be Drakula's castle, but apart from one room it was not very scary. The views of the countryside were lovely. We were taken on the walk around the City, again effected by revolution. Some places in the country are still living and using old living and farming practices. We decided to ride the cable car to the top of a mountain and get some photos. There were 154 steps, small rises and we were only at the base of the cable car. At the top we then had to walk another 1/2 Klm to get to the viewing point. It was great coming down.

Well will move on to the next blog.

Kind regards,

Dianne and Paul

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