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It's not really a valcano

Mount Drum 13,000'

Wrangell Mountains

Wrangell Mountain 2

Joey is still with us

Wrangell Mountains 2

Wrangell Mountains 3

Mount Drum 3

Glacier coming into Valdez

Waterfall coming off a glacier

Cindy by a waterfall

Keystone Canyon 1

Bridal Veil Falls

Horsetail Falls

We headed out of the Kenai Peninsula with an overnight stop in Wasilla and then on to Valdez.It was a beautiful sunny day and in the 70s. We did not expect a pretty drive but again to our surprise we went though the Wrangell Mountain Range. UNBELIEVABLE. We have been in so many great mountain areas, it's hard to keep track, but this may be the prettiest one yet.

Coming into Valdez is the Keystone Canyon which was beautiful. Inside the the canyon was Bridal Veil Falls and Horsetail Falls. Valdez is known ans the waterfall city. They are everywhere.

To our surprise, we caught days of sunny and warm weather, around 62. and we are really enjoying it.

Valdez is very much like the towns in the Kenai Peninsula, but it is also quite different. This little town is quite clean and fresh, where as the others were sandy and dirty. A lot of it may be because it is really a new town. Valdez was destroyed by a 9.2 earthquake in 1964. The quake created a Tsunami at Shoup Bay that was 220' high. The land under the town actually sunk about 10' so at every high tide the town went under water again. They moved the town a few miles away and rebuilt it. Valdez is not really a tourist town at this point but they are probably going to become one in the near future. They are primarily in the oil business and commercial fishing.

We are going on a helicopter tour but I am going to do a separate post following this one.

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