Bill, Mary Ellen & Bowie - Newfoundland 2018 travel blog

Lighthouse at Cape Anguille

Walk along the edge of the beach

Bowie in a field of wildflowers

Crashing waves on the rocks

July 25 – July 27th

Today is a banner day worthy of special mention because…..we saw our first and only moose as we drove out the road from Barchois Provincial park where we stopped for lunch! We have been warned so many times that we should expect to see moose in Newfoundland; supposedly they are everywhere and come out to wander the highway at dusk. We are so rarely out driving a dusk that we never expected to see one. We joked that they were hiding about 20 feet back of the tree line lurking in the forest waiting for some hidden signal to charge out across the hwy at an appointed time. It just that we never saw any in our whole time here…until now!

On our last full day in Newfoundland we took our last side trip on secondary highways to Cape Anguille the westerly most point of land on Newfoundland and had the most classic Newfoundland experience. We drove to the Cape in sunny clear skies and stunning views from the cliffs surrounding the light house. We walked the cliff edge as the waves broke below us on the shore. Bowie got his picture taken in a field of wild flowers it was the perfect Newfoundland commercial.

We wandered the streets of Port aux Basques in the hot sun then made a last minute decision to drive the south coast to make sure there was nothing more we missed on our last day. By the time we finished that tour we were ready to park for the night and came full circle back to Cheeseman Provincial park just outside of town.

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