Darwin or bust - a short drive up the road travel blog

A big reddish moon

Crossing the border - looks a little dry

Who's a pretty boy?

A fluffy guinea fowl

Passing on the one lane Tablelands Highway always causes lots of dust!

Only another 376 kms to go to get to our accommodation

Rest areas are few and faaaar between

Leaving Mt Isa in Queensland we set off for our 449 km drive down the road and into the Northern Territory to the Barkly Homestead on Route 66 also known as the Barkly Hwy. Yes it was a long drive but once we crossed into the Northern Territory the speed limit was 130km/hr and with a straight road it wasn't too bad. We stuck to 100 kms/hr due to the age of our little car and broke up the journey with lunch at Camooweal and various rest stops along the way. You meet the most interesting people at rest stops like an English couple who are on pushbikes with a tent and plan to travel around Australia for one year! They showed us their solar shower bag.....

Power at Barkly is supplied by generator which goes some way to explains the cost of everything. Our cabin does have a TV, ensuite and aircon and we have mobile phone coverage. You can not believe how many stars we can see in the dark night sky, it is pretty crowded up there and Mars is bright and red. Looking up into the night sky makes me think there is no way we are alone in the Universe.

Distances between places are loooooong in the Northern Territory. We are carrying extra fuel and water just in case.

Another 378kms up the Tablelands Hwy to get to our accommodation at Heartbreak Hotel at Cape Crawford (nowhere near the coast mind you). The definition of Hwy out here is very different to Sydney. It is basically one lane and to pass anything or make way for anything coming the other way you have to move onto the dirt, it's almost like playing chicken seeing who will move onto the dirt first. It causes heaps of dust.

Possibly due to the weight of the road trains some sections are very undulating!

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