Friday; Well we have headed north and arrived at the Baffle Creek Caravan Park. Half set up and our good friends Dannie and Bob have arrived, so in no time at all it is 4 o'clock somewhere. Bob has his camp fire glowing in no time at all.

Saturday; Busy time unloading the boat and all the fishing gear plus we need more fire wood so the manager of the park has given the men directions to his other property so they can go and get there wood plus break out the chainsaws. Men arrive back with heaps of wood but not sure they found the right property? Maybe not???

Sunday; Men are off to do some fishing while Dannie and I relax for the day. Roast dinner tonight so all are looking forward to the pork crackle. Still no luck with the fishing.

Monday; Once again the men have no luck with fishing and crabbing but learn that all the other campers have not caught any fish or crabs either.

Tuesday; Decided to give the fishing a break today so we are all off to visit 1770 and Agus Waters for lunch. Very pretty place with heaps of holiday goers around. Well with all enjoying a feed of fish and chips we return to Baffle Creek. After a big lunch we all decide on a light dinner. Before going to bed Bob is off to have a shower but runs into a Kangaroo bigger than him and it take some time before the kangaroo decides to move on - too big for bob to take on.

Wednesday; Men are off fishing again so Dannie and I are off to Bundaberg to do some shopping - such a busy day in Bundaberg people everywhere. Arrive back to find the men relaxing - no fish and they have brought the crab pots back.

Thursday; Well it is time to pack up all the fishing gear and put the boat back on the roof rack. We have decided to take Baffle Creek off the list of possible or good fishing spots. Relaxing night under the stars.

Friday; Leaving Baffle Creek and heading south to Miara Caravan Park for more hunting and gathering. Miara CP turn off is about 40kms north of Bundaberg and 14kms in to park.

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