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We began with a morning hike along the cliffs and sea shore at “Green Point” viewing layered rocks and fossils at the geological site. It was very interesting to see the many layers of various sediment that had been laid down in the ancient ocean bottom to form various types of rock which was then uplifted and tilted up to leave the edges of the layers sticking up out of the water and earth. Since seeing this rock structure at Green Point, we have realized that almost all of Newfoundland, “The Rock”, is tilted up layered sedimentary rock with little top soil. This is much like the firewood piles and roadside gardens and moose and potholes, the layered rock is everywhere.

We followed this with a stop at “Lobster Cove Head” light house for a guided tour of the light keepers house and grounds.

In the afternoon we had a wonderful boat tour of “Baie Bonne Bay” with views of the “Table Lands”. Table Lands Mountains are huge, barren, flat topped solid rock mountains which are actually part of the earth’s mantle. This is the only place on earth where, due to continental drift and plate tech tonics, the mantle penetrates the earths crust.

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