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Hi No Tori (Phoenix) at Manga Museum

Maybe the 3rd Hand Will Help

Ban-Sho and East Entry Gate at Nijo-Jo Castle

The Story

Kara-Mon Gate

The Story

Gate Arch Detail, side 1

Gate Arch Detail, side 2

The Main Ninomaru Palace

The Story

Entry Panel Detail

Palace Garden Grounds

Garden View, 2

Garden Tea House

The Inner Moat

Below Street Level Walkway

Decided to start the day on a light note, and so we walked to and visited the International Manga Museum. OK, it's a big comics/cartoon collection. How big, well how about 300,000 issues; 50,000 of which are available to be read on premises. There are Manga for all ages, and focused of various themes and story lines. Most stories are serialized & published as episodes in monthly Manga magazines. If they become very popular the episodes may be compiled and published as a collection. Most Manga are black & white.

Originally appearing in the late 19th century, they have become popular worldwide, and so are translated into local languages. The large Phoenix hanging in the museum was created by Manga artist Tezuka Osamu, and made by artisan Sudo Mitsuaki. The mosaic wood construction (Yosegizukuri) and Spherical Eye (Gyokugan) measures 4.5 meters x 11 meters. It's a Big Bird.

After lunch we visited the Nijo-Jo Castle/Palace. It was only a few blocks walk from the Manga Museum. Nijo-Jo is an early 17th century construction that the first Shogun of the Edo Era, Tokugawa Ieyasu, had built as his Kyoto residence. The interior is very simple, but artistically designed. Unfortunately, taking pictures of the interior is not allowed. A famous feature of the palace are its 'Nightingale' floors. The beams had metal caps on their ends which fitted into metal brackets. Hence as you walk the hallways the floors 'sing'. This design feature served as an audio security system for the Shogun. The gardens of the property are very simply, but artistically, designed. All in all a pleasure to visit.

We walked a few blocks back to our hotel, and discovered that there was a below street-level 'sidewalk' along the main avenue. It was constructed as a component of restoring the flow of a stream thru the city. Hence the walk was semi-isolated from motor traffic noise & heat, and was along flowing, cool water. Made for a very pleasant walk in a major urban space.

Ciao for now

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