Rich and Cindy Ackman Alaska Trip 2018 travel blog

Anchorage Visitors Center

Upper Kenai Peninsula

Still trying to find out the name of this mountain.

Tundra off Cook Inlet

Glacier at Cook Inlet

Cindy in the plane

Bear watching boats and plane

Mother and Cub

Mother and Cub 2

Mother and Cub 3

Boats lined up waiting to get to the head of the creek

Bears and fishermen trying to get the best fishing spot

Bear Fishing

What was that noise?

I'm out of here!!! Too many grizzlies.

One out of about 50 eagles

I drool when you get this close.

Don't pee in the pool!!!!!

Pretty good fish!!!

You're disturbing my meal

Nice place to live if you're a bear

Small Waterfall

Joey with his bear

Another beautiful drive from Anchorage, down through the Kenai Peninsula and into Ninilchik. The mountains continue to be breathtaking. The Alaska Mountain Range is one of the most interesting we have seen.

The rivers that feed into Kachemak Bay are also amazing. Many of them being fed by glaciers, the color of the water is a real pretty blue. We traveled down along the edge of the bay which is very interesting. The tides in a couple of areas come in so fast that people can actually surf the waves. I hope we get to see that. Funny how a huge bay can go from looking like a mud flat, to a deep water bay in a matter of a few hours.

We had our first encounter with salmon fishermen, a strange breed of men. They will stand shoulder to shoulder to fight for a fishing spot on the bank of a river. They line their boats up 10 deep to get in line to catch a few salmon going up a creek. They are dedicated. As near as I can tell, guided salmon fishing costs about $300.00 per pound!!!!

We drove over to Soldotna and took a flight out on a Grizzly Bear watching trip. It was fantastic. We boarded a 10 passenger pontoon plane. An Otter Turbo. This plane had an 1100hp engine. It was actually more like a jet it was so powerful. It only took about 500’ to get this plane in the air. We flew over Kachemak Bay into Cook Inlet where we were picked up by guides in 20’ Jon boats. The bears were amazing and there were a bunch of them. We were actually within about 15’ of a couple of them. This is an experience you would never want to miss. Flying back we saw moose, sea lions, bears, and we flew over a huge glacier. Quite a trip.

We will be leaving in the morning for Homer.

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