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Kiyomizu Nioman Deva Gate

Kimono's All Around

Bell Tower


The Story

Supporting Pier of Main Temple


Design Architecture

Rabbit with Lightening in Hand

Walking thru narrow streets to five story Yasaka-No-To Pagoda at Hokanji Temple

A True Zen Saying

1st beer vending machine we've seen in Japan

Must have fallen off the bicycle ! Or too many trips to...

Kodai-ji Temple

Garden within the Complex

Can't budge this grass !

Hey Bunny, Wanna Race ?

Ready for Hi Water

Teramachi Street & the Nishiki Market

The Story

Decided to follow a walking itinerary thru the Higashiyama Ward in eastern Kyoto. It is east of the Kamo River, which runs thru the city, and continues into the foothills on the city's eastern edge. The area of narrow winding streets is filled with temples & shrines. Seems you can't turn a corner and another temple or shrine has appeared. The Kiyomizu- Dera Temple is on the eastern hillside, next to a water fall, and being in this elevated location has great views of the city below. Originally founded in the 8th century, most of the current buildings date from the 17th century. The main temple building which is mounted on huge wooden piers is constructed without the use of any nails ! Maybe they used a lot of Elmer's Glue ?

Kyoto is a popular tourist destination and the milling crowds we have encountered everywhere confirm that. Quite different than Hokkaido. Another difference is the widespread presence of kimono's. Not sure if the locals wear them regularly, or tourists don them for effect ? There have been numerous shops renting them, so it may not be a common local garment, save for the tourists.

Walked our way across the Kamo River to the Nikishi Market. Hundreds shops selling anything & everything you could possibly want or need. The food section also has quite a few stalls preparing ready to eat goodies, raw &/or cooked.

The heat of summer is sure different here than in Hokkaido. It drains (melts?) the energy right out of you. By mid afternoon it's time for the relief of a siesta in an air conditioned refuge (aka hotel room).

Ciao for now

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