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The Palo Verde tree on the ground

The tree broke off right at the ground

Laying on the fence

Up against the house after the second storm went through

Finished with our fishing, we headed south toward Nebraska. On the way, we got a call from our neighbor, Dennis. He keeps track of things at our house when we are away. (A BIG “thank you” to you, Dennis!!!) He was calling to let us know that a monsoon storm blew through Buckeye the night before and the 30 foot Palo Verde tree in our back yard was laying on our fence. After hearing the news, Roger did a “happy dance” because he never liked that tree anyway. Then, as we were leaving Yankton, we talked to Dennis again and another storm blew through and moved the tree off the fence and up against the house. We decided to skip messing with the insurance company. We had our yard man, Demetrio, come and haul the tree away. Dennis thinks he and Roger can straighten the fence out when we get back. Meanwhile, we'll start thinking about what kind of tree we will get to replace it.

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