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Sail away party from Lisbon

Bridge to go under on our way out of Lisbon

Just made it under the bridge

Dear all,

Well back in England. When we leave each port there is a sail away party to say farewell to the country. There is lots of loud music, dancing, singing and of course drinking. We only went to the Lisbon sail away to see the ship go under the bridge. We have a room with a balcony so we usually sit or stand there.

A day on the ship at sea is usually a sit down, served breakfast in the dining room. After this a stroll around the deck or the shops. Often Paul would go off to a talk about the next port, or a talk about a general interest subject. This cruise these talks were about air disasters, so right up his alley. I would sit in our room or verandah and read , do puzzles supplied by the ship. We would meet for lunch then I would go off and meet some ladies for craft. Mostly we did our own and discussed what the othe one was doing. There are quiz games to go to, the pool to lay beside or get in, and different music entertainment to listen to. We always went to dinner in the dining room at 8.30pm then on to a late show then into bed and then the day would start all over again. The shops sell, jewellery, clothes, alcohol , basic needs like souvenirs, toiletries and chocolates and perfumes etc. , nothing too exciting but supposedly duty free.

Well that is the over view of life on board and of course there is plenty of time to exam the inside of your eyelids if you so desire.

Kind regards,

Dianne and Paul

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